General integration courses

General integration course

If you would like to live in Germany, you should learn German. This is important if you are looking for work, if you need to fill in application forms, if you shutterstock 15815125 kleinwould like to support your children in school or if you would like to meet new people. Also, you should know certain things about Germany, for example, about its history, culture and its legal system. You will learn all this on the integration course. You can find important information about the course on the following pages.

Each integration course consists of a language course and an orientation course. The general integration course has 660 lessons, and depending on the focus of the course that applies to you, the total length of the course could comprise up to 960 lessons.

The language course

The language course comprises al total of 600 lessons on the general integration course, and up to 900 lessons on special courses.

The language course will cover important aspects of everyday life, e.g.

  • shopping/trade/consumption
  • housing
  • health and hygiene/human body
  • work and career
  • continuing and further education
  • educating and raising children
  • leisure time and social interaction
  • media and media use.

You will also learn to write letters and e-mails in German, to fill out forms, to make telephone calls and to apply for jobs. Topics will vary depending on which type of course you attend. If, for example, you attend a youth integration course, you will deal with topics which are of particular interest to young people such as applying for an apprenticeship.

During the language course you will take an intermediate test. This will help you prepare for the final examination at the end of the integration course.

The orientation course

In conjunction with the language course you will attend the orientation course. It takes 60 hours to complete.

On the orientation course you will discuss the following, for example:

  • the German legal system, history and culture
  • rights and obligations in Germany
  • ways of co-existing in society
  • important values in German society, e.g. freedom of worship, tolerance and equal rights.

You will complete the orientation course by taking the final test



Integration Courses / German B1

In our locations in Wilmersdorf, Wedding and Spandau ongoing german courses take place.

Morning courses

between 8:30 and 12:45 o'clock
Afternoon courses
between 14:00 and 17:30 o'clock
Evening courses
between 18:00 and 21:00 o'clock


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Registration Wilmersdorf
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