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Bildung und Integration e.V. provides for recipients of unemployment benefits I and II the government grant qualification on employment (QvB) leading to vocational qualifications (incl. job-related  german, Level B2) with funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the State of Berlin, or the Federal Employment Agency.


The target group

Developed by the Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women's labor, the market policy support program qualifications before employment (QVB) is aimed at registered unemployed Berliners, especially at:

- People with an immigrant background

- Young people leaving school without qualifications

- Single mothers and fathers

- Women returning to work

- University and college dropouts

- Older unemployed people

- Entrepreneurs and self-employed in the performance reference

- People with special needs to basic education competencies


The measures serve to increase the adaptability and competitiveness of participants, their professional valuable training and qualification with subfield certificates, the development of a powerful language proficiency levels, and the gains in social skills. In our locations in Wilmersdorf, Spandau and Wedding we offer for this target group training opportunities in the areas of office, care and tourism, each with job-related speech portion and an associate's degree at the level B2.

Start: Every 2 months, duration 6 months (incl. Internship)

Participation is free


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